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It’s not about developing a digital strategy, but a strategy for a digital world


You have strategic issues to solve, but may lack time, experience - or a fresh perspective. Is your business is at a turning point in its development? Do you want to lead, not suffer, disruption in your sector? Are team, cultural or marketing issues slowing organisational growth?

We truly believe in a customer-first, customer-focused approach to business. That developing a good strategy is easier than it sounds. That finding simple solutions to complex issues helps improve business performance. That strong leadership can be pivotal. That working together can be fun. Read more 

Our clients will tell you how Webb Strategy can help, better than we can - so we’ll let them do the talking. Watch their video for a flavour of how we might work together.

"Business problems simply wither in her path"

— Senior Vice President, Fujitsu


" Helen’s balanced and pragmatic approach was spot on"

— Senior VP & GM, Concur Technologies


Additional experience, insight and fresh eyes for your team, without another senior executive ‘on the books’.


A three month ‘hands on’ programme to help ambitious SMEs accelerate growth, by identifying and addressing your particular strategic issues.


Executive team strategy away days or team development days.


Full and half day workshops on digital disruption, customer focus, empowerment and mega trends.


Working with business leaders and senior executives, to maximize output as well as job satisfaction.


A talk and a book


If you’re interested in a good talk, try Jim Hemerling’s short TED talk on leading a team through change. And for a good read, learn about the unique and inspiring business ethos of Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia (the company, not the region). ‘Let my people go surfing’ covers business, personal and sustainability goals all in one easy read. Enjoy!

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