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“Implementing the recommendations has already helped to drive business growth”

— Director, McKinlay Kidd

The world now changes around us, day by day, not year by year and we need to keep ahead. Business strategy needs reviewing regularly and creatively, in the context of tomorrow’s disruptive world.


Bespoke projects including a review of people, culture and pace, new product development and launch, strategic thinking around key issues, business case development.

“I was impressed with her commitment to the project/concept, her focus, creativity and drive. She really seized on what we were trying to do and, in the end, drove the rest of us along with her sheer energy.”

—  CEO, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council


A three month programme for SMEs, generally £1 to £10m turnover, who may be experiencing ‘growing pains’ - or are simply ambitious for faster growth. Webb Strategy will identify areas of opportunity and outline an action plan for dealing with the key business issue - all within reach of the SME’s budget.

“Webb Strategy asked searching questions which opened up whole areas of possibilities and opportunities which we hadn't considered. We were given lots of ideas and areas for discussion and importantly, Webb Strategy gave us the confidence to get the business going in the right direction.”

—  Co-Founder, Your Care Home

“The whole process has not been about pages and pages of analysis. It's been a hands on approach to making as much difference as possible, every day”.

—  Co-Founder, Café in the Park


Having been both an executive and non-executive Director herself, Helen understands both the business and boardroom issues at play. She has extensive experience, facilitating executive team away days.

“An excellent and highly professional facilitator”

—  Director, ResourceBank


Full and half day workshops on a range of topics:

  • Mega trends and how they might affect your business

  • Digital disruption - do we need to worry?

  • Establishing a ruthless customer focus throughout the organisation.  

“Helen gave us the chance to lift our head up from the full on day to day and focus on the bigger picture”

—  Co-Founder and MD, Electric Umbrella


Helen enjoys working with business leaders and senior executives, to maximise output as well as job satisfaction. She has "been around the block" a few times and blends fresh thinking with hands on experience of the issues your business may be grappling with. It’s all about improving performance - of the leadership team, employees and the business itself

“The team have really benefited from her coaching and mentoring.”

—  Senior Marketing Manager, Ceridian
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